Missa Ave Maria Stella small

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Death Mille Regretz Northumbrian smallpipes A Chantar M'er De So Qu'eu Non Volria Anchor che col partire

Girolamo dalla Casa's beautiful setting of

da Rore's madrigal, with Steven Devine, harpsichord

Tobias Hume at his most lugubrious

By the 12th century female troubadour Beatriz de Dia, with Evelyn Tubb, soprano & Michael Fields, harp

A sweet-sounding set of Northumbrian smallpipes made by Dave Shaw

Gothic bray harp by George Stevens

Linarol Linarol-scroll

A video recording from Sastamala Gregoriana festival,

Finland. 2013, with Ensemble La Morra.

Bass viola da gamba after Franceso Linarolo

by Richard Jones of Scotland

Parle qui veult

David on bass flute with Nancy Hadden on tenor from Zephyrus Flutes recording

Sylvestro Ganassi: Recerchar terzo

from Ganassi's treatise on the viol, Regola Rubertina, played on bass and  tenor viols by Richard Jones

Sylvestro Ganassi: Recerchar quarto